Writers’ Circle

Imagine sitting in a classroom. Your classmates are sitting in a circle. You read your work. They take turns giving you constructive feedback. You take notes for future revisions.

This page is that classroom.

3 thoughts on “Writers’ Circle

  1. Hi All,

    Here is a poem that I would like some feedback on. Let me know what you think. How can it be improved?


    My river calls me.
    Fog lifts
    With the growing Sun.
    Painfully beautiful

    Like the 88 steps leading
    To my favorite childhood place,
    Cement chips with impermanence.

    Complicated fathers
    Lovely mothers
    Disturbed brothers
    Animated sisters

    We gathered for protest.
    We fought for justice.
    The past is present
    As I cross this arched bridge.

    These bricks made me.
    This wall formed me.
    This city lives inside my
    Wistful heart.

    My river calls me home.
    No matter where my body travels.
    My heart returns.
    Moved by the undertow
    of longing.

    Susan Ward Trestrail


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