The morning, the light

I have been finding my light in the morning now, more than ever. Summer is leaving, and I will miss her so much. But, fall comforts me with her changing colors and shortened days. When I am happy, when I am peaceful, my memories, emotional and deep, surround me like the warmth of the sun. I struggle to understand why thoughts of my grandmother’s garden, my aunt’s dinner table, my father’s lessons or my grandfather’s chair come to mind. Let me explain. The feelings took my lifetime to arrive. Feelings of acceptance and connection with the people who formed me, who cared for me. We love the same flowers, we love the same children. Misconceptions are gone. I can turn away, when someone is unkind. I can reject any words of degradation, even if they come from within. This marrying of past and present is what I have been waiting for, and I have found it with the light and in the morning.

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