It’s Just Two Pigeons

DSC_0351.JPGI love this photo. I don’t think that many people share my love of pigeons, or even my like of them. However, this is a really cool photo.

I am a writer AND a photographer. I am not certain when the time actually arrived when I could say both of those things in one sentence. Here is another one. I am an artist.


What does this have to do with two pigeons? Well, it is about the mundane and the spectacular. I spend most of my days looking for something spectacular. Most days, I find the mundane.

These two pigeons look like they could be one and an ominous reflection. They could be friends, or they could be partners. Nonetheless, I looked for a way to take an unique photo of them. I think I found it.

So, it may just be two pigeons. And, you may or may not like pigeons, but if you are an artist, you must look for something spectacular each and every day.

Happy Writing!


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