Pondering Jesus

I wrote this poem as a Facebook post while I was (quietly) sitting next to a priest who was preparing a sermon. Of course, I assumed this, because I didn’t actually speak to him except to ask if the seat was taken.

I revised a few times, mostly in regard to line breaks. Let me know your thoughts.

Pondering Jesus

Sipping our coffee
the priest and I,
while he ponders
Jesus, I,
“Aren’t they the same?”
I asked. He nods,
but I can see he is sleeping.
His sermon can wait.
All people?”
I wake him with my
He again, nods.
“All people, but

there are rules, it seems.”
I know not all people
are loved equally.
make mistakes.
born different.
“We choose, how we live”
he says.
I and the father,
sip coffee.
He ponders kindness,
I, Jesus.

Susan Ward Trestrail, 2017

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