Some of My Favorite Birds


Birds are elusive. Well, except for the half-blind blue heron with the notched wing. Mostly they avoid my camera. I step closer and closer, but I can’t always focus in time to capture. I just got a new lens that gets even sharper telephoto pictures, but it is still challenging to get a crisp view of a bird’s eye. I am still a beginner, but that doesn’t mean I can’t produce photos that make me and others smile.

This may be a good lesson for life among other things. Writing for example. You may feel as if you can’t get close enough to a subject to write about it with clarity and insight. Write about what you know, they always say. Right? I am not always so sure about that advice. It is possible to write about something you learn, experience or admire, but you have to get close enough.

For today’s writing prompt, get closer to something that you have already written about. Sharpen your focus, change your stance, move around it slowly, step lightly. Find the depth that your subject needs. You may be a beginner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t write something really sharp and focused.

Post your responses here.

Happy Writing!


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