Summer, 1979

Summer, 1979 We used to swim here when we were rebel children. Trekked behind The Finer Food Store, where I spent my food stamp allotment. Waded the shallow creek to the rock quarry. It was 1979 when I stopped wishing for Woodstock days, but began mourning the dead. Floating, facing the August sun that burned the skin I should have saved, I would’t last.

I am working more on this poem and saving it for submission. Thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “Summer, 1979

  1. Susan,
    I really enjoyed the way this flowed. You didn’t tell us about it, you brought us with you.

    Tell me, were you one of the speakers, or workshop leaders at a Write to Publish conference at Wheaton some years ago? I think I took one of your workshops.

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