Coffee and Cameras with Denise

I love surprises! My coffee and camera buddy, Denise, and I have gotten into a habit of surprising each other with outings that we hope will brighten the other’s day.  We both love a good adventure. Today was a great one.

We started out in downtown Wheaton. I was born there, lived there until I was six, and live only five minutes from there, but I never go there. Isn’t that always the case? The things closest to us, we sometimes never notice. One of the many things I love about Denise, is that she helps me notice things all around me. Things that I may otherwise miss.

In the spirit of noticing, we strolled around the downtown area snapping shots of window displays, corners of old buildings, flowers, and each other. In the early morning, the streets are a bit empty. It seemed we had the smallish town to ourselves. I loved learning about a tiny popcorn shop that I never knew existed. Denise says that it is quite famous. I was reminded of a special snowy day when I was stranded at Suzette’s Creperie where I wrote my first sestina.  To be honest, it was my only sestina. DSC_0471 (2)

We ended at the Wheaton Public Library where there is a new coffee shop. Books and coffee are my absolute favorites. This coffee shop is special. It was very hot, so I ordered tea, but Denise had an iced coffee. The coffee is special, because the very progressive company hires only people who have barriers to employment. What a wonderful concept!


So, we stopped at the Second Chance Coffee Co. at 657 Childs Street in Wheaton to pick up a couple of bags of coffee to take home.

Another successful Camera and Coffee day for Denise and Susan.

Stay tuned for our next episode!

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