Overwhelming Beauty-Writing Prompt

I had a bit of a rough week, ending with a bang, or a crash as I scraped my car along a friend’s mailbox. Ugh. I was so worried about her mailbox. She was worried about my car. Both can be fixed.

To be clear, a rough week isn’t nearly what it used to be in my life. Making ends meet as a single mom to two wonderful girls wasn’t easy, but we always made due. They are just a little bit scarred. (I hope). They are wonderful mothers and women. So, measures of stress have changed over the years.

Anyway, this week had some stresses with caring for mom, running around doing errands, and scraping my car. In the midst of all that, I was able to experience overwhelming beauty on a trip to a butterfly farm with a caring friend.

We were let into the covered area cautiously. We were briefed on how to behave in the dome-like area where the butterflies lit on flowers, rocks, and patterned screens. It was breathtaking. A few parents of young children guided their babies carefully around the structure. They looked in awe and wonder. It was like an island oasis.

I am sure my week wasn’t as stressful as many of your weeks were. To be honest, I handle my stresses much more calmly these days, but caring for an aging parent, helping with young grandchildren and juggling a full-time career can be hard at times.

So, no matter what the stress, find an island oasis of overwhelming beauty at least once a week. Write about it!

Happy Days,


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