Being Present

As I was thumbing through a photography magazine that highlighted photos from deserts, horse farms, mountains, and icy terrains, I found a particular article about being present where you are.

I felt immediately validated. On my daily walks, which happen just outside my front door, I find wonderfully interesting objects to photograph every day. I love to travel and find interesting subjects for my photos, but when I can’t, I love to just take a walk in my front neighborhood. The scene changes every day as the wildflowers bloom, the weeds take shape and the animals grow and wander.

I have seen countless breeds of birds, flowers, and animals. I nearly stepped on a fawn at one point. I have triggered a chorus line of leaping frogs as I approach the pond shores, and I have followed, with my line of sight, a woodchuck’s tour of our little pond.

The colors right outside my front door are vibrant and interesting. Whenever I step outside, camera in hand, I know I will find something amazing.

The same is true about writing. Last week, I was making tuna salad. The act of making lunch triggered a host of memories about my dad, my grandmother’s funeral, her farm, and a mosaic of influence from those who raised me.

I don’t how to make this a direct writing prompt. As writers, we need to be highly vigilant to our senses and memories. I don’t keep a notebook at the ready, but I have been know to write a poem as a Facebook post while sipping coffee at Barnes and Noble. I do suggest being ready with some sort of writing tools when these inspirations hit.

I can ask you if you have had any of these serendipitous moments either in writing or photography.

Post those in the comments.

Be in your moment.



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