The Early Morning

In the early morning, fog collects in our field. When the sun hits the air, the colors explode. I typically stay in bed until seven or so. The colors are still pretty at that time of the morning, but something pulled me out of bed at five am today. I am glad that I got out there.

The back light cast an eerie glow on a red-winged blackbird who perched on a branch, mid-field. He doesn’t usually shy away from me. He acts as a sentry looking over the path that divides the field from the pond. At times, he flies quite near my head giving me a bit of a start as he buzzes by my ear. Today, he watched from a distances as if he were taking stock of what was further afield.

Last night, I witnessed an early supper that a heron and egret shared. Maybe that is why the frogs were a bit skittish. Today, a frog leisurely floated alongside the pond’s shore while I snapped him. He was still a bit far from my camera, but I think he would be pleased with his portrait.

I should have brought my macro lens to capture some of the frost on those yellow flowers. By the way, the bud from last night was in full bloom this morning. The yellow flowers are a favorite in summer. And summer, is just beginning.

Happy June



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