Flowers, Birds, and Bees

Some say that they don’t have anything to write about, because nothing ever happens to them. While this may be true, some people lead very quiet lives, (Myself, included), there are ways to write about events that are very simple in nature. Or, just go out for a walk and notice all that there is around you.

For example, I almost stepped on a baby fawn today. I walked too far back into the woods to get pictures of the nesting Herons, when I stepped near something that leaped out of the tall grass and back in like a fish coming up for air. At first, I thought it was a rabbit, but it was far too large for a rabbit, unless it was a breed of rabbit that looked like a small dog.  With a fleeting glimpse, I saw the white spots on its back. It was a baby fawn. It jumped up and back under the tall grass, but I didn’t hear anything after that. I have no idea where it went or if it was just hiding under the grass, closer than I imagined.

This is just a small experience, but it is out of the ordinary. I will be working on a poem about this brief experience.

What about you? What startling thing happened to you recently? Did you meet someone just a little out of the ordinary? Did you have a strange conversation? Can you remember something from your childhood that sparks some interest or questions? These ideas make wonderful narrative poems.

Write your thoughts in the comments.

Happy Writing!



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