A Poet’s Work

I have worked my whole life. I had a full-time summer job by the time I was 12 years old. Money gave me freedom in my small town life. Now, that I am older and have more freedom in my work, I sometimes struggle to fill my time with meaningful work. More times than not, I waste time on Facebook or watching TV.

We all need downtime, but when it comes to living and making a living, I think those energies should be defined. For me, writing poetry is living. Taking photographs is living. While I am doing these tasks, I am contributing to beauty and goodness in the world, or at least, that is my hope.

I am fortunate enough to have work that I enjoy and earn a good living. My daily tasks involve positively contributing to someone’s knowledge. I am a teacher. Grading papers is not my favorite thing to do, nor is writing resumes, but both are beneficial activities to other humans in the world. This makes every moment spent engaged in those activities worthwhile and meaningful work.

This line of thought brings me back to poetry. Many of my readers will understand why I write poetry. Others just enjoy the work, and some just live the photos that I post. No matter, I don’t just write for myself. I write for an audience. This is not ground-breaking news. Artists all over the world understand that it takes a balance to pay the bills while engaging in lifework every day. So, find some time for what makes you feel alive, today. Find some time to create art, no matter who your audience.

Find your beauty, today.

Beauty does not live
On the surface
It’s birth from
Deep silence.

Utter humility
It takes special eyes
To see beauty
Eyes have seen
the opposite
Eyes have shed
Unwanted tears
For beauty lost
In the world

Beauty does not live
On the surface
It is hidden
In the soul
Of a broken man
Who has surrendered all
To his Spirit

Beauty lives
In this knowledge
That nothing created
Is beautiful
That only love
In purest form
Is beautiful
And all that the heart has
Is beauty

Susan Ward Trestrail, 2004

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