I have more time to think, lately. So, I think. I think about the brownies someone made with me in mind, because I love them so much. Some butterscotch, some chocolate chips. I sing with my eyes closed, because I know the words and because we know each other so well, I only have to look at you to know whom you are mourning. I turn up the radio when Joni Mitchell sings “River”, and I want to be a river, like her. I dwell on the odd reflections in the multi-colored glass spheres. I snap them over and over hoping to capture the outline of the trees and not my own reflection. I zoom in on an ordinary fly, because against the cracked ceramic blue, he will be interesting to look at. I notice the goats as they peer out between the fence posts. To be fair, they notice me too. I feel things much deeper when I allow myself to think. And the colors brighten right before my eyes.

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