Sometimes the Rain

Sunny days are heaven, especially this time of year. In May, when our sunny days are just beginning, rain feels like a setback. Today started out great. The sun was shining and the geese were escorting their babies around the river.

Later, the afternoon rain threatened my afternoon stroll.

So, I didn’t let the rain stop me, I enjoyed it.

Take a walk in the rain. You may see reflections in drops.

You may see baby geese. You may see flowers kissed by the water like dew.

Rain doesn’t always mean sadness or absence of light. Sometimes the rain means inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes the Rain

  1. Hmmm. Inspiration. I’m struggling to appreciate the rain when the lawn needs to be mowed, and will need to be BALED if I don’t do it until after vacation. Also. Muddy puppy paws.

    I loved that you found inspiration in it, though. ❤️

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