Writing Prompt-Take a Closer look

For me, poetry and photography go hand in hand. Sometimes, I think that if I were more focused on one or the other, then I would be more successful. I guess that fact is determined by how you measure success. (that’s a topic for another day).

Still, as artists, many of us are aware of getting stuck. Inspiration isn’t coming, our artistic output is all the same. If this doesn’t happen to you, then you will have to tell me how you avoid it.  It happens to me.

One of the things that I do to get “unstuck” is to try something new. Last week, I bought a macro lens adapter. It wasn’t expensive, so I don’t have to feel guilty about spending on something I may not like, but, turns out, it works very well. I have been able to get some great shots, and my enthusiasm has soared. It has taken my normal nature shots and given them depth and interest.

I take pictures of flowers, mostly, this time of year, and as I approach them microscopically, they turn into something new. For example, a dying dandelion becomes a light show. A tulip becomes an exotic lair. And so on…

So, as I look at some of those shots, I suggest taking a closer look at something to get you moving or unstuck. If you aren’t stuck, take a closer look anyway. It is fun and a great way to describe a thing, situation, emotion, or relationship is a creative way.

I will be writing some poems later with this prompt in mind, but for now, it is your turn.

Share your results in the comments!




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