Camera Techniques

I am a relative newbie when it comes to camera work. In addition, when I have a new hobby, I learn in very small bits and pieces. Today, I picked up a camera magazine and began flipping through the pages. Granted, most of the information on those pages was beyond me, but I saw one thing that caught my eye.

This particular photographer used back light on her flower shots. I loved the look, so I tried it when I got home.

I taped a white napkin to the window that the most light was coming through. The magazine photographer used a white piece of paper, but the only paper I had was printed on.

I placed the orchids on the floor and shot up at them.

Editing, I lightened up the edges and increased clarity and color. My aim was to get a strong color in the middle with cloudy white edges all around.

I think I did well. You be the judge.

Photography is awesome fun!

Thanks for reading,


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