Natural Phenomena

I subscribe to a friendly neighbor website. Mostly, the posts are about flying garbage cans and lost mail, but Thursday Afternoon, I saw an interesting headline.

“Did anyone see the weird goose flashmob overhead Shelburne?”

Intrigued, I headed outside, looked up and saw it. They looked like geese, but their flight patterns were completely random. They looked like they completely lost their internal homing system. I don’t have a great understanding of birds’ migration patterns, but I had never seen anything like this before.

I went back to the neighborhood website to see what else had been posted. Someone posted a note. The birds were not geese! They could very well be Sand Hill Cranes.

Below is a link to the video she shared. (I am sure one of my readers can help me learn to embed the videos.) But, for now, enjoy the link. The story is from last year, but it has interesting information about the cranes and their migration patterns.

The Cranes were inspiring. I haven’t written a poem about them yet, but it is coming. I especially love the image of the plan seeming to head directly into their flight.

I am no bird expert, nor a bird photographer, but these photos tell a story.

What can you do with them?

Consider this a challenge



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