Write a Prayer, Today

dsc_0158-4Hi Writers,

Some days, weeks really, I struggle to make sense of my purpose or place in this world. What do I believe? How do I respond to the suffering of others? What effect will I have on the world around me?

I have been struggling with the following message for days. It is a prayer of sorts. I looked very deeply into my soul for these feelings. As many writers do, I processed the feelings through writing. I wanted to communicate with a God that accepts all people. I wanted to communicate inclusivity, not exclusivity. So, here goes…

Let me know your thoughts.

Jesus, are you my God,
though I offend your people?
Jesus, do you love me,
though I am covered in sin?

I am broken, sick, fallen.
In love, but not loved.

Jesus, I fear the engraved
wooden doors that guard
Your sanctuary.
Dare I dip my fingertip
in Your holy water?

I cannot be your daughter,
son, sister, brother.

Jesus, forgive them.
My skin shelters only
my own broken soul.
They cannot know why
my eyes open each day,
or what comfort dreams
bring to my weary mind.

The air, the water, the river
currents are all for me.
Just as You intend.
The glorious flowered field
loves me, without reserve.
the birdsong lifts my spirit
in the precious light of morning
without judgment.

So, I ask, again, Jesus, are you my God?

Susan Ward Trestrail, 2017

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