Inspiration Anyone?

I spent a few days in Florida, on a cruise and home resting. Still, I have not written anything, let alone poetry. This struggle is real. Is it real for you? Where do you find your inspiration.

I know that writing is habit oriented. Or, it should be. If one waits for the inspiration to write, one may never pen a single word. Still, one has to have fresh ideas that stir the soul enough to write. Right?

I am lucky enough to have a beautiful camera and time to stroll to shoot lovely pictures. So, when I would like a little visual stimulation, I take a walk, no matter how cold, to snap some nature shots.

Above are some shots that I may use in some poems.

The seagull on a danger sign. What a great image.

The smiling young man playing Reggae music.

The pelican in flight, the beach with sun spots, the dead leaf surrounded by green sprouts of spring. All are great images that can be used to create metaphors and vivid descriptions.

So, while I sit at my computer trying to write, use these images to create your own poem or short story.

Please share!




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