It is hard not to write politically these days

I must admit that it is hard to write without commenting on what is happening in our political arena. However, when Elizabeth Warren was warned and silenced, it brought out a special kind of indignation in me. So, when writers get angry, they write words of power. I would like to share some of my powerful words with you.


“She was warned, nevertheless she persisted”

She spoke.
Her mouth like thunder.
Her eyes shot lightning.
Shards of anger.
Despite the

She stood.
Strong men supported her.
Her legs rooted and strong.
Connected at Earth’s core,
to sisters

She held.
Fists like words
blocked for centuries.
It’s time to scream
the injustice.
Hear us!

She labored.
With shovels, with drivers.
With mortar, with hammers
With pride at day’s end
a Workday
done well.

She was.
She is our mother, sister
grandmother, aunt.
To those who pretend to
be weak, we forgive

She will
fight for you. Never tire.
Kick, bite, scratch,
and shriek.
No action is too much.
We stand with her.
We hold her up.
We will not
be silenced.

And, she

Susan Ward Trestrail, 2017

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