Creative Writing Prompt-Perspective

All of these images have been photographed before. In fact, many of them lie just outside my front door. Yes, there is great beauty in my little neighborhood, but it takes a close look to see how it changes day to day.

Today, I challenge you to apply this close-up or alternate view technique to your creative writing. Take a piece that you find a little dull or mundane, and look at it from another perspective. Maybe you can focus in. Take a real close up view of the situation. Crop out the edges and look at the minute details.
For example, the poem below describes my childhood friendship with a very special person. I changed the focus from the two of us to a meeting place we shared as kids. As you can see, I pared this poem down significantly. It is quite short. Less words here works to add more interest.

A white, weathered wooden gate
On rusted hinges separated
My world from yours.
Two small girls with orphan
Eyes met daily to whisper, giggle and sing.

The gate owners may have wondered
Of the tiny trespassers, they never said.
Funny how a structure, designed to separate
Would bind forever
Your heart to mine.

Or, look at your writing from another point of view. What would the same piece look like if you used another voice? Or even take the role of an inanimate obect? When I take a picture, sometimes I kneel down and take the picture looking up. Taking that stance gives a whole new perspective to the object. For example, I included a couple of lines in one poem that give me the role of a pencil and a facial expression.

I am the graphite tip of his worn pencil
underlining a particularly moving passage.
One he wished he had written.

I am the upturn of her judgment.
The tone with which she maneuvers
my reactions like puppet strings.

Both of these poems and the pictures above represent a deliberate change in perspective.

Try this today. I am anxious to hear about your results.



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