Your Prayers and the Sun

I have been tired, and oh so sick. My husband thinks that I am suffering from The Trump Effect. This may be, but I knew in my heart that I had to feel better. No more down days would work for me. So, I put out a missive. Please pray for me. I have been under the weather and suffering from the inhumanity flu. For days, I had been hiding under my covers hoping that my nose would stop running, and I would wake up to a more just and humane society.

This morning, the fever broke. I realized that I had not seen the sun for days. I picked up a new pair of prescription sunglasses well over a week ago, and I had never taken them out of the case. Today, the sun made an appearance. It was cold, but I didn’t care. I put my parka on and ventured out. Ice covered the pond more than halfway today. The colors reflecting were stunning, and the droplets of frost looked like glitter. It was lovely.

There is something about the sun that heals. There is something about a kind word from a friend that eases a tired heart. There is something about capturing both beauties in one day.




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