The Beautiful Fog-Writing Prompts

It’s warm, it’s cold, it’s icy, it’s wet…and so on. Ugh! Chicago weather. However, since I started photography and writing as a combined art, it is great weather for creating.

I am not quite ready to use these photos as poetry prompts, but it is nice to have them at the ready. The colors that the dark and fog project on the trees are stunning. In my field that lies outside my home, colors never let me down. Even in the dead of winter, brown is rich and vibrant, gray is ominous and black is forever black.

What can you say about these photos? Are they Poe inspired? Are you reminded of Shirley Jackson, as I typically am?

It is ok to write just images. You don’t have to write in complete sentences. What strange or unique metaphors can you come up with?

I am anxious to hear your impressions.



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