Words on Winter

I get a long break around Christmastime every year. For an adjunct English Professor, it is a well needed break. However, the weather (in Chicago) is usually very bleak. And, I spend most of my time getting ready and recovering from Christmas. However, just about on the last day or so of my break, I get my second creative wind.

This year, I have my trusty Nikon to keep me engaged and a couple of new poetry books to enhance my practice. But, winter. It is cold and lonely. Again, in defense of the cold and dreary, winter is a great time to dig deep for those creative inspirations.

I have heard of the metaphor of a lake turning over. Now, I don’t know the exact origin of the phrase or the scientific process or if it is real or not. But, the concept is cool. You stay quiet and still and your lake completely turns over. All of the water from the bottom moves to the top, and you are new.

I imagine this process happens in the Winter when leaves die and animals slow down.

What do you think? Is your lake turning over?

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