My First Year of Photography

I hear many people say that they would LOVE to be creative. They would love to take photos, write short stories or even a novel. But….there is always something. I am one of those people with a but. BUT, I did something about it last year.

I asked my husband for a camera for Christmas last year. I had been taking photos with my phone and our point and shoot camera, but I really wanted to try focusing and clicking. I loved the idea of pushing my eye into the viewer and snapping. I even loved the sound his camera made when shooting.

At first, I didn’t know what to do with the camera. It was red and beautiful, and it sat on the table for a very long time. When I picked it up to take some pictures at a family gathering, the strap broke and it fell to the ground. I screamed! But, my husband picked it up and refastened it. It was safe and sound.

I managed to take a few shots at my daughter’s tea party.

Like many other things that I have tried, I wasn’t about to let photography get the better of me. I began packing my camera with us on every day trip. Early in the year, the trees were bare. But the cold weather didn’t stop my adventures. I tried a few techniques, but still, I rarely did more than point and shoot.  I took walks around my childhood haunts.  I took photos only I could appreciate. But, I did love them.

I realized that I loved to take extreme close up shots of flowers, leaves and other plant like materials. I liked making something look like something it was never intended to be. And then, there were the flowers

And the family

And more family

And even more…

For awhile, I was obsessed with barns. I saw one at the side of a road and came to a screeching halt, jumped out and started snapping away.

We visited parks and landmarks

We found gates and arches, birds and butterflies

I found friends, frogs and flowers. And, I just kept shooting.

Throughout the year, I found that I had an eye for beautiful things. I found my own special way of looking at the world through my camera lens. I took photos of things that appealed to me and were important in my life somehow. I wrote poems and prose about those photos. I found a new way to express myself creatively.

And now, it is winter again. I have taken almost 10,000 pictures this year. Some of them were absolutely wonderful. All of them were absolutely mine.

I will end this with just a few of my very favorites and a call to action. Get out there and create! You will find what is absolutely yours.



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