Guest Poet- Feedback, Please.

Hi All,

I met this wonderful woman on our Cruise with your Muse trip in October. She is an artist and poet. She wrote this lovely poem as a gift, but would like feedback. See below.

From Vicki Anderson

The backstory to this poem is my aunt was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer November 2003 and given about three months to live.  Never married, no children and I was chosen as her clinical caregiver.  Her last Christmas was right around the corner.  She was Buddhist.  Whatever do you give someone in that situation?  I gave her an original poem.  This has a lot of nature as well as spiritual layers to it…  Feedback welcome. 🙂
There is an overlooked meadow
Amidst the forest glade
Where spiders weave dewdrop webs
Against the bluegrass blade
Thin tendrils cling in violet bloom
Up a fence of stone
Salamanders flourish where the sun
Warms a temporary throne
The outer ring of oaks scarred
By storm, drought and harsh winters
Harbor a feast for woodpeckers
Amongst broken branch splinters
Chipmunks romp and tumble
Over a tree downed long ago
Halting in the hollowed openings
On a plush moss of peridot
A choreograph of butterflies
Hovers in the air
Rising to follow the call
Of succulent nectar
The language in the branches
Of the dancing trees
Sings of the roaming lover
Of a cool and soothing breeze
Vicki Anderson
December 2003

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