I Wrote a Protest Poem (of sorts)


Hi Writers,

I wrote a protest poem of sorts. I don’t often do this, but sometimes, I feel the need to express my dissatisfaction with current events and schools of thought.

Here it is:


“You just don’t get it”
she told me
as I said,
I am not one of you.
Even after my first baked goods
contribution. I do not fit
The Christian Woman Mold.
I have committed too many wrongs.
I have allowed mistreatment.
I have chosen addiction
over grace

I finally got it.
I am worthy beyond
my sins.
I have value beyond
my mistakes.
I don’t have to bake my way
into heaven with banana bread
and coffee cake for the church
I am loved

Why then do you not get it?
Why is our country divided?
Why do some sit in God’s chair
in judgement
of color, of race and religion?
If God does not require us
to earn love,
how can you?
“You just don’t get it”
All are worthy.
All are loved
beyond your desire
to divide,
to judge, and
to hate.

Susan Ward Trestrail

Feel free to share your protest prose or poems here. Or, just let me know your thoughts. We are a community of writers, after all.



6 thoughts on “I Wrote a Protest Poem (of sorts)

  1. Why is it that only BLACK lives matter? To God we all matter. That is why he sent his son to die for us. Why do churches take sides in this world? There is only one side: God’s. I know it hurts him when we kill each other out of protest or hatred. It should stop. It has to stop. That is my protest piece. Susan, I loved your piece.


    • Thanks, Stella. I don’t think that the BLM movement implies that they are they only lives that matter. But, there is just too much judgement in the world. I think we can agree on that.


  2. Thought provoking. We had a sermon today on evil. We, Christians, are targeted by evil – not just the kind we see playing out in riots. It sounds like your piece is part of your battle against evil.

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