Take a Walk

I have been walking more than I have been writing, this week. 
But it has been good. I don't mind taking in the beauty of summer. 
Sometimes, just the thought of a flower can spark a poem, 
such as this one for my mother. 

Flower Mother
“There is your flower”,
She said,
gesturing toward a
swaying field of
Black-eyed Susans.

We often found my flower
on summer trips
to Michigan open-air
peach stands
and fresh water beaches.

My mother had her way.
She named flowers and
birds after her children.
Robin’s namesake
a springtime bird.
She christened a sparrow
for her youngest boy.

I love my flower mother
who joined her husband
as actress and entertainer,
writer and musician.
I will always bring her
White Peonies
For her laced table.
We will sip afternoon tea 
and eat marmalade-
covered biscuits.

Susan Ward Trestrail


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