Writing Prompt Friday

Good Morning, Writers,

It is a beautiful day, and it is time to make good on your writing promise to yourself.

This is a lovely picture of a gate. Gates are great images to write about. Where are you going? What is beyond the path? Are you afraid to go in? What will happen when you do?


Free write for 10 minutes about this gate. You can answer the questions above, or just write what comes to mind. Set your timer, and stop when you are finished.

Share what you wrote, or share the process.


2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Friday

  1. Just some free thought inspired by the photo…This gate seems a bit foreboding. I am experiencing more than just a bit if anxiety as I enter closer to its formidable entryway. I actually feel a sense of danger or is it anxiety? The feeling that overcomes me is so strong, it literally stops me from taking the final step into the gateway. I ask myself why I am semingly so irrational, but I go with my gut feeling and I choose not to enter. Instead, I retreat. My question is…what does this mean? Do I have a sixth sense that is protecting me from harm?Or do I simply have an unrealistic fear…and if so, I must discover why! Was I perhaps feeling a bit if deja’ vous?

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    • That is amazing, Patty. It makes me want to read more. You could take this anywhere. It could be a short story or novel. When you succeed in drawing the reader in, you are there! Great job!


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