Taking it on the Road

Pink Flower

Hi Writers,

Have you ever been asked to use your skill to help others? Have you every been asked to teach a live writing workshop?

That is exactly what I  am doing, tonight. I would like to share how I organized and planned the workshop.

  1. I understood what the overall theme of the workshop complemented my skill.

    It is a spiritual workshop, which asks its participant to write and submit a short testimony. My workshop helps participants prepare those pieces.

  2. I played to my strengths.

    I don’t journal regularly, which is what the workshop leaders hoped to inspire in the participants. So, I used my poetry as a vehicle for inspiration.

  3. I arranged the poems in a logical order

    I used a few of my favorite poet’s pieces and combined them with my own works to show a progression of creating the poems.

  4. I built in time for reflection and feedback as well as writing that would not be seen.

It is important to let writers write something that they know will not be judged.

Creating this workshop using my own writing took me out of my comfort zone. Sure, I have taught many types of college classes, but I have not ever considered myself a creative writing expert.

I will let you know how it goes!!!!





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