Thursday’s Flowers

I have been taking pictures of flowers. Today, as I was shooting these blossoms, and the gray skies were looming, I was struck with inspiration.

Ideas for poetry can come from anywhere. The important thing is to act on the inspiration. Here is mine:

Thursday’s flowers weep.
Spring slows its entrance.
Don’t discuss life’s
Rather the trees
whose nascent buds
refuse to be seen.

Tears form on green
leaflets. Grip fuchsia-
brown remembrance.
You can still see
the colored petals,
though the sky
no longer cares
for them.

Don’t cry
Don’t let sadness
take the blue.
Don’t re-live your regrets.
Pour color and love into
the dying blossoms.
And speak only
of the trees.

Susan Ward Trestrail

Now, it is your turn. Post a short poem that came from a moment’s inspiration.


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