Be Kind (New Poem)

Be Kind

Perched at the edge

of our newly dedicated

queen bed, you cried.

Not much. Just a tear

or two when you

read of Kurt Vonnegut’s


 “Be kind”, he said.

Above all. Then, you told

the story of those

two words. They shaped

your world.

In a college room,

you imagined

Peace. Not war.

Too much wine, and


Now, I am your everything.

I have learned kindness.

Patience, love.

Just like he said.

When he said, “Be kind”.

We can give up


We can mourn

the fallen.

We can love

each other


My right hand crept

over the silk spread,

and cradled your fingers.

With my left hand,

I brushed your tear.

That’s when I knew,

I loved


Be Kind

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