Think Possible


I saw an call for submissions from Chicken Soup for the Soul. One of the categories was “Think Possible”. I searched my poetic archives for a poem that reflected overcoming a difficult situation, of which I have had many.

Still, I didn’t want my submission to reek of sentimentality. Where is the balance between pathos and “schmaltz” as my 8th grade choral teacher would say.

After just a little editing and much debating, I submitted “Brave Traveler”. The poem was written for a dear friend, but illustrates a strong theme of overcoming adversity. You can decide for yourself.

Brave Traveler

Keep sailing, moving through

The upheaval.

The torrential rain and evil wind

Seek to destroy.

The powers

Who rule from mechanical moon

Artificial sun

Do not rule all.

Do not submit!

Keep sailing, until the end

Is met

Until the ship collides

With the blue, painted canvas.

Man made waters meet

White washed skies

Mind and spirit


What lives within walls

Only dreams beyond.

Somewhere, some thought

Exists, that it is all a lie.

And Truth be found

Outside the painted clouds,

Inside the heart

Of this brave traveler –Susan W. Trestrail

Ok, now it is your turn. What is your “Think Possible” story or poem. Do you want to submit it?

Good luck!



2 thoughts on “Think Possible

  1. I liked your poem! Even the title invoked courage and overcoming!.
    I will check into it and submit something from a chapter in my book Mobility Matters, called It’s the Same World. It’s about discovering that it’s only through the tools we use that differentiates how we physically “see,” (perceive) our world – visually or nonvisually.
    Thanks for sharing this writing opportunity.


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