Writing Prompt #2

Today is my 23rd anniversary of my sobriety.

and I am writing my 500 words about my journey to and in sobriety. It all came from a moment. What is an life-changing moment for you? What happened? When did you know that as soon as you stepped into that world, all would change?

Below is an unedited excerpt from that story. Your task is to finish the story…

 I remember the first time I thought that I might have a problem with alcohol.

I learned about drinking in a sociology class. I categorized myself as a “problem drinker.” Even after my 15th blackout, I couldn’t admit that I was alcoholic. Even with my father’s long suffering sobriety or my brother’s suicide, I couldn’t admit it. Why? I knew that if I admitted that I was an alcoholic, everything in my life would change.

But, finally, I knew that if things didn’t change, I would die.

The details of my last drunk are irrelevant. I don’t remember most of them. I remember bad choices, extreme regret, emotionalism and carelessness. I woke up the next morning, fell to my knees and begged God to help me. Two days later, I went to my first meeting. I remember walking down the steps into the basement of that church shaking like a leaf. I saw slight, black woman with glasses and pin curled hair. She looked like a woman that I bumped into at the Jewel, or the library. She couldn’t have been one of “those” people. All I could see coming down those steps was her smile. My foot barely touched the final step as she approached me. “Hi!” Welcome.

Ok, writers…what is your story? Go!

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