Why Workshop?

Workshop is a Verb

In creative writing, or any writing for that matter, the word workshop is a verb.

Writers need each other to find their voices, to develop style and to hone their skills. I engage with other writers in my MFA creative writing program at National University. It can be brutal, but always helpful.

It works like this: Writer posts his or her work. Colleagues give constructive feedback on the piece. Writers may revise based on feedback and resubmit the work if desired. Imagine sitting in a circle, reading your work aloud then waiting for each member of the circle to give an honest appraisal and improvement suggestions.

These suggestions can be about word choice, tone, syntax, rhythm, meaning, or anything else that is relevant to improving the work.  The results can be amazing. I like to think of this process as molding and shaping the original message to become a literary work of art. It can also be quite humbling.

Writers helping writers. Artists helping artists. All for the greater good.

The purpose of this blog is to develop a community of support with one facilitator (me) to keep us all on track. And, of course to let you know of the traveling, onsite workshops that are being held periodically.

The first workshop is being held this July 15 in Ireland. Yay!!!

Feel free to comment with ideas, short stories, poems or anything that you would like to share.
Happy Writing,


3 thoughts on “Why Workshop?

  1. I have been writing for many years. My most prolific years (so far) were back in the 1990s. I have some well well written articles (BS/Journalism/minor in English — 1970).

    I’ve written lots of poetry and some pros, one children’s story and a song to go with it. I also have an almost finished, easy read book called Tricks of the Trade — 45 years in the woodpile. It’s simple language, highly informative with humor mixed in to keep it memorable. The subject is how to do landscape, tree and home maintenance without working too hard, getting hurt or over working with fruitless results to show for it.

    In reading them now, 20 years later, I can be more detached from and criticle of my work.

    Some of what I’ve written seems quite good and I’m afraid that if I hit ‘send’, I’ll be launching them into the public eye without copyright protection. What say you about this?

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    • Hi Bob,

      I am not a copyright expert, but I think you could submit the piece for copyright if you are worried. I can look into that process for you.


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